Baltimore | MD

NOW ENROLLING  Pre-K 3 thru Grade 8

Baltimore Church School began in 1915. The name Baltimore Junior Academy was adopted in 1927 under the pastorate of Elder M. S. Banfield.  In 1975, Baltimore Junior Academy officially opened its doors at 3006 W. Coldspring Lane.  The mission of Baltimore Junior Academy of Seventh-day Adventist is to provide instruction in a Christ-centered educational environment for the enhancement of the spiritual, mental, physical and social development of youth entrusted to its care.

Educational effort is directed toward self-understanding and the full development of all students’ abilities.  A true knowledge of God, fellowship with Him in study and service, likeness to Him in character development is to be respectively the source, the means, and the aim of Seventh-day Adventist education.

The faculty, staff and administration welcome you to Baltimore Junior Academy for the coming year.  BJA has a history of fine academic accomplishments.  Parents and students seeking admission pledge their support of the Academy’s principles, programs, faculty and administration thereby agreeing to act in harmony with its standards, requirements, and philosophies.  We are here to make your school year successful, yet educationally challenging.  We look forward to assisting you in fulfilling your educational goals.  Together, we will meet the goals, which have been set.

BALTIMORE JUNIOR ACADEMY | 3006 W. Coldspring Lane | Baltimore, MD 21215