Faculty & Staff
BJA is a school where success is modeled and replicated!  Teachers understand that each child is unique by God's design, and as such, we are here to help them achieve their dreams and the possibilities are limitless.  Our small class sizes supports equity in the teacher-student relationship while fostering a rigorous learning environment among students.

David Turner - Principal
David Turner
Tiffany Sewell - Administrative Assistant
Administrative Assistant
Tiffany Sewell

Deborah Robinson - Pre-K to Kindergarten
Pre-K & Kindergarten
Deborah Robinson
Donna Anderson - 1st & 2nd
1st & 2nd
Donna Anderson
Natalie Burton - 3rd & 4th
3rd & 4th
Natalie Burton
Dorine Ramseur - 5th & 6th
5th & 6th
Dorine Ramseur
Ezrone Bernard - 7th & 8th
7th & 8th
Ezrone Bernard
Lisa Tripicchio - Title 1 Instructor
Title 1 Instructor
Lisa Tripicchio
Pat Holloway - Reading in Residences
Reading in Residences
Pat Holloway

June.Mackall - Extended Care
Extended Care
June Mackall

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