Religion (Bible)
Including instruction in Biblical History and principles as a revelation of God, interpretation of the bible in the framework of the Church.

Learn about the Life of Jesus and how to be like Jesus
  • Understand studying the Bible can lead you to know God and learn to be like Him
  • Understand that the God family- “God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit”- work in perfect unity, yet are separate and unique beings
  • Know that God is the Creator of the Universe and that He is everywhere at once and all knowing
  • Understand that God depends on you to spread the Good News of salvation
  • Know the need to be thankful in all circumstances
  • Know that Jesus is coming back

First Grade
Belonging to His Family: The Heavenly Family, Families of the Bible and the Church
  • Understand that studying Bible leads you to understand God.
  • Know that death is the consequence of sin
  • Understand that before the fall, Adam and Eve lived in the perfect light of God’s presence.
  • Know that God is the creator, and still loves and cares for you
  • Understand Jesus will reunite all families who love Him

Second Grade
Exploring His Power: Through Creation, the Israelites, Jesus and the Early Church
  • Begin to be familiar with the way the Bible is organized
  • Know that God is everywhere, all-powerful and all-knowing.
  • Understand that the “God Family” created the world and is one-way God reveals Himself to humanity.
  • Know that God has forgiven you and has the power to resurrect you.
  • Know that God wants you to trust Him to provide our needs.

Third Grade
Accepting His Plan: The Plan of Redemption, God’s plan for the church and for the individual
  • Understand the importance of studying in daily life
  • Know who the “three-in-one” members of the God-family are and their individual roles
  • Understand that God and the angels He created lived in heaven in perfect harmony before sin
  • Understand that all people are equal in God’s sight and are accepted into the Family of God
  • Understand that Jesus is coming back for all who have chosen to follow Him and will live with Him in Heaven and the New Earth

Fourth Grade
Following in His Way: God the Creator, Sustainer and Friend
  • Understand that the Bible contains a powerful message for Humanity
  • Know the structure and the divisions of the Bible
  • Understand that God has a plan for your life and will lead you to develop a Christ-like character
  • Understand the importance of examining and accepting God’s unconditional love and forgiveness
  • Know that worship and obedience is a natural response to God’s gift of salvation.
  • Realize the importance of preparing for a mission and service for God.

Fifth Grade
Exploring God: Through the Stories of the Old Testament
  • Understand that God continues to offer the gift of salvation despite humanity’s rejection of Him
  • Know that God’s character of love is revealed through His laws and interaction with His people
  • Understand that God has always had a remnant of people that have remained a faithful witness for Him.
  • Know that each person ahs been given unique talents and spiritual gifts by God
  • Identify the sanctuary as a symbol of God’s love, acceptance and restoration though the Gospel

Sixth Grade   
Exploring Jesus’ Life: His Teaching, Death, Resurrection and the Early Church
  • Identify the Bible as God’s way of communicating who He is to humanity
  • Understand that God is omnipotent, omniscient, and infinite, yet is affected by your response to Him
  • Explain the relationship to God, heaven and the angels to Jesus and His life on earth
  • Know the gospel story and why it is important to accept Jesus as Savior and model one’s life after His
  • Understand the early development of the Christian church from a small band of disciples to an organized body of believers taking the Gospel to the world.

Seventh Grade
Exploring God: Through Creation, Sin, the Plan of Salvation, the Life of Christ and History of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  • Understand the nature of God as taught in the scriptures
  • Know what the Bible teaches about the origin of sin and God’s Plan of Salvation.
  • Understand the causes and results of the flood
  • Explain why God established a chosen people through Abraham and his family
  • Describe how God continued to pursue His people through Israel’s experience as a nation and their repeated rejection of God as their leader
  • Know the major events in the life of Jesus and the basic values and tenants of His teaching
  • Explain the development of the Seventh-day Adventist doctrines concerning the sanctuary and the second coming of Jesus

Eighth Grade
Explore Origins of the Bible: Through the Trinity, Personal Relationship with Jesus and Practical Christianity
  • Explain the role of Inspiration in the formation of the Bible as it was written and preserved over thousands of years
  • Describe the concept of the trinity and identify the characteristic of each member
  • Understand the importance of faith, commitment and a dynamic relationship with Jesus
  • Explain the importance of developing a relationship with others based on Christian values.
  • Know how to apply Christian principles to your daily life.

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