Computer Science
Including instruction and participation in usage, application, document formatting and ethics.

  • Demonstrate proper use and care of computers and other audio/visual equipment.
  • Begin learning basic keyboarding.

First Grade
  • Demonstrate proper use and care of computers.
  • Use a variety of electronic resources to enhance learning and access information.
  • Learn about technology related occupations.
  • Learn the role of technology and computers in the business and home. 

Second Grade
  • Use hardware properly.
  • Become familiar with the keyboard.

Third Grade
  • Begin troubleshooting for basic malfunctions.
  • Practice using the keyboard.
  • Practice courtesy and sharing of computer time.
  • Learn file management.

Fourth Grade/Fifth Grade
  • Use computers properly.
  • Learn to troubleshoot basic malfunctions.
  • Practice keyboarding, using correct hand position and posture.
  • Use word processing, editing and file management.
  • Know proper technology terms.

Sixth Grade
(Computer Basics)
  • Use word processing skills, editing and file management skills.
  • Use a simple database and spreadsheet.
  • Use electronic resources and the Internet enhance learning and access information.
  • Understand the parts of the computer.
  • Understand the terminology used. 

Seventh Grade
  • Integrate and advanced keyboarding with word processing skills into daily assignments.
  • Understand the equipment to access, proceeds and retrieve information.
  • Understand the legal issues for using/accessing software, music, etc.

Eighth Grade
(Document Formatting)
  • Apply word processing skills into class work.
  • Apply presentation skills into class work.
  • Use electronic resources and the Internet to access information for class work and presentations.
  • Extend responsible and ethical use of electronic resources and the Internet.
  • Understand the use of computer programs (Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint).

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